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About Us

We are a dog care company. We believe in animal welfare ethics and demand that breeding for dogs is done in the most compassionate way possible. We will not work with breeders who fail to respect ethical standards.

We’ve witnessed horrific breeding practices throughout this region, which is dominated by the pet industry. Dams are typically overbred and are often not mature enough, and the puppies are typically unwell and are raised in unhealthy living conditions. They are usually separated from mothers early, leading to various health problems and a reduced quality of life and a shorter life span.

Believe in moral animal welfare and insist that breeding for dogs be done in the most compassionate way feasible. We will not take action against breeders who do not adhere to ethical standards under any circumstances.

Before birth, our puppies go to a licensed vet who provides them with their first vaccination. They are dewormed and undergo complete health examinations. Each of our pups is as healthy. Every one of our puppies is as healthy as it can be. A new pet owner will receive an initial medical report from a vet.

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